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I’ve owned many tablets. My first tablet ran Windows 7 and was absymal. I recall my first Android tablet running Honeycomb, which didn’t really spark joy, as they say. The first tablet I ever liked was a Surface Pro 4, but I spilled some water on it and killed it. My last tablet, a Samsung TabPro running Windows 10 was my running favorite; it was the best of the Surface, but with USB-C and a thinner, lighter build. It was great at everything, except Windows kinda sucks at power…

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It’s fair to say gnome-shell is, and always has been, polarizing. There’s folks like me who love it and think it’s picked up Apple’s mantle of driving the workstation desktop. There are others who see it as a spartan waste of good screen real estate. These two perspectives are at odds, and the GNOME community has gained a reputation for dismissing the latter and shoving the former down everyone’s throats. If you spend a few minutes appreciating the GNOME design…

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So this year I bought a 3D printed tiny Super Nintendo Case and put a Raspberry Pi 3 in it. At first, my only concern was to have a RetroPie setup, because of my childhood love of legally obtained ROMs. This part was easy enough and obtainable in one sitting. Putting a RetroPie together is quick and easy, and those guys have really done a great job bridging the gap between a terminal driven configuration and controller-only input.


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