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Doug Hatcher

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1-Minute Read

I started using GNOME 40 about a month back, just as Fedora 34 went into beta. The latest release is really something great. Huge fan of the gorgeous activities overview. I even went so far as to create a module called Clear Top Bar for it, too.

2-Minute Read

With ChromeOS 75 hitting the dev channel, we’re starting to see budding 3D support on the Pixel Slate. It’s still unstable, and not a lot works with it, but it may be worth playing around with if you’re interested in gaming on this great little tablet.

5-Minute Read

One thing I’ve learned this year is that I’m a toxic Star Trek fan. According to Shit Posters, both the Facebook group and Reddit commentor variety, I endlessly critique bothersome details and in doing so miss out on all the wonder and spectacle. Perhaps my adulation of TNG era Trek, knowing all the tapes and my reverence to all mighty Canon has poisoned me? Am I incapable of enjoying new Trek?


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