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It’s like a water-shed moment over at the GNOME extensions site as a few blurring modules are finally starting to surface. r/unixporn is on fire with screenshots. So let’s so do a little something for the kids. Let’s blur our shells…

1-Minute Read

The quarantine has turned me into a budding video game collector, and one device you find you’ll use often if you get in the game is the 8bitdo USB Dongle. It’s pretty versatile, and it turns out you can pair them with the NES and SNES Joycons and use official Nintendo controller all around. It works really well for the most part.

4-Minute Read

A few years back I spent a good bit of time with Jekyll, a static-site generator that is compatible with github-pages. Static-site generators have fascinated me every since. I work professionally with Magento, which takes a lot of effort to host well. With something like Jekyl or Hugo, the infrastructure needs reduce dramatically as you only need to serve a few html files ultimately. I’m also a giant devops geek, so I always jump at the chance to build some continuous delivery workflows.


I'm a DevOps engineer and eCommerce guru living the good life in sunny Charleston, SC. I mostly write about my other exploits with my laptop, the ones that distract me from work