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The quarantine has turned me into a budding video game collector, and one device you find you’ll use often if you get in the game is the 8bitdo USB Dongle. It’s pretty versatile, and it turns out you can pair them with the NES and SNES Joycons and use official Nintendo controller all around. It works really well for the most part.

One thing to know is that you can use the controllers to change the input mode in the usb device. Retrofreak, for example, needs left+select, but the PS One Classic uses down+select. There’s other variations too,

One issue I ran into is that the NES controller stopped working when I updated to the new firmwares, as it stands now I need to run v1.32 for the NES joycons. They seem on it though, they already sent me a beta firmware trying to sort it out.

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