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With ChromeOS 75 hitting the dev channel, we’re starting to see budding 3D support on the Pixel Slate. It’s still unstable, and not a lot works with it, but it may be worth playing around with if you’re interested in gaming on this great little tablet.

A small primer, ChromeOS has it’s own developer shell that you can access by typing Ctrl+Alt+T. This opens in a new tab.

If you install Crostini, the Linux subsystem, you should have a command called vmc. If you run vmc list you will see a listing of the linux containers, termina is an option, if you click on the Terminal icon in your app drawer, this terminal is where you’re dropped into.

You can enable gpu support by stopping the running container with vmc stop termina, and then vmc start --enable-gpu termina. This should drop you into a crostini shell with gpu enablement. Hit Ctrl-D to drop from this. At this point, you can launch Terminal or Steam from the App drawer and you should be accelerated.

Supposedly you can confirm this by running glxinfo -B and confirming it’s using virgl. My system hangs on this command, but I will update when it doesn’t.

I’ve been playing Little Interno as a demo for GPU support, in software rendering this is a very choppy experience, but the touch controls all work great. With 3d support enabled, it runs very smoothly and still with great touch support. With 3D support enabled, Civ 5 finally launches and can play a game, albeit it’s very slow. Folks online tell me that their Pixelbook runs Civ 5 well, so I’m hoping it’s only a matter of time!

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