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It’s like a water-shed moment over at the GNOME extensions site as a few blurring modules are finally starting to surface. r/unixporn is on fire with screenshots. So let’s so do a little something for the kids. Let’s blur our shells…

Of all the themes I’ve seen come through so far, this one seems like the most interesting.

materia-theme-transparent/ at master · ckissane/materia-theme-transparent · GitHub

The installation instructions are basically as follows:

sudo dnf install meson
mkdir -p ~/bin
cd ~/bin
git clone [email protected]:ckissane/materia-theme-transparent.git
cd materia-theme-transparent
meson _build
meson install -C _build

Once done, no need to logout or anything, fire up the Tweaks app, go to Appearance, and select one of the variants you just installed and vola!

GNOME is starting to look pretty spectacular! Now let’s just see how stable it is.

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